Rex Royal S300


We proudly present our Rex-Royal S300; a result of the innovative power of a modern, visionary Swiss family business with decades of experience in the manufacture of professional, fully automatic coffee machines.

The S300 meets the highest standards for hotel business, gastronomy and self-service. Besides the attractive design, the use of reliable, powerful and high quality components ensures the perfect preparation of your beverages. The large TouchScreen of the S300, ensures an engaging experience – whether in self-service or in service operation. The intuitive menu makes it very easy to navigate through the various beverages and the screen presentation will surely delight you.

Medium to High Capacity

Rex-Royal CT

• Simultaneous dispensing of 2 coffees

• Hot water capacity of 25 litres / hour

• Bean capacity 2.4 kg with 2 grinders included

Rex-Royal CTH (Additional Advantages)

• Simultaneous dispensing of hot water and 2 coffees

• Heated coffee outlet | hot water up to 99° C

• Hot water capacity of 30 to 35 litres / hour


• 4l Refrigerator

• 7l Refrigerator

• 10l Refrigerator

• Cup Warmer / 4l Refrigerator

• Cup Warmer

• Cup Dispenser

• Coin Changer

• Coin Acceptor

• Mobile Cart

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