Preventative Maintainance

There are so many elements involved in delivering the perfect cup of coffee and a well-maintained machine is one of them. Your equipment must be clean, running-well, well-maintained and limescale-free, with no damage to seals and no internal leaks. And let’s not forget that the temperature and pressure settings must be correct too.

So, ongoing preventative maintenance is an integral part of delivering the perfect cup of coffee. It’s a small but necessary investment which ensures that your valuable equipment is in perfect working order and you avoid any unnecessary breakdowns. Prestige Coffee offers preventative maintenance packages at affordable prices. Why not enquire today?

What is preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is carried-out before a problem occurs. It’s inevitable that limescale will build-up, seals will wear-down and leaks will occur with use. Why not get ahead of these problems and address them in advance, so that your equipment never breaks-down unexpectedly.

Carrying out regular preventative maintenance on your equipment will reduce the cost of repairs, it will improve efficiency, performance and power consumption, and it will extend the life of your equipment and protect your investment. Perhaps most importantly, it will help you to deliver the perfect cup of coffee to your customer.

Our Preventative maintenance service

All machines are fully serviced according to manufacturers’ guidelines. We fix or replace any problem or worn parts, and programme your machine to the correct settings as prescribed by your coffee provider or equipment manufacturer. The frequency of servicing will depend on the make and model, the age and condition of the equipment, and daily usage or output.

We have developed a comprehensive maintenance checklist, which is used by all of our engineers. This checklist includes, but is not limited to: Group Seals, Group Valves, Safety Valves, Shower Plates, Pressure Switches, Pump Heads, and Level Probes.


  • Pressure wash equipment top/bottom
  • Clean all interior and exterior surfaces; lint filter on vacuum fan; blades and machine wheels
  • Clean and flush solution and recovery tanks
  • Clean and check solution valves and hoses; batteries and terminals;
  • Check all wiring connections; all belts and chains for tension-wear and alignment; all gaskets (squeegee cap, vacuum motor, vacuum pot, tank inlet tub, water valve); sprockets; and, traction bar control spacing
  • Lubricate all hinge and pivot points; chain and linkage; caster bearings and axle
  • Inspect vacuum motor carbon brushes, traction motor carbon brushes, drive motor carbon brush.

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