As Ireland’s coffee culture grows and consumer tastes become more refined, there is an increased demand for skilled baristas. Our on-site barista training provides all of the knowledge and skills necessary to help you deliver the perfect cup of coffee, every time. From a classic Americano to an elegant Latte, we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction and Coffee Theory
  • Understanding your Equipment and Grinder
  • Adjusting your Grinder
  • Grinding, Dosing and Tamping
  • How to make great Espresso
  • Popular drinks and how to make them
  • How to choose your milk
  • Milk Steaming and Texturing Techniques, and Correct Temperatures
  • Introduction to Latte Art and Designs
  • Practical Machine Work
  • How to maintain Cup-Quality throughout the day
  • Cleaning Procedure, Products and Tools

Benefits for your business

Better Quality and Consistency of Product
Improves Customer Satisfaction and Experience
Increases Sales
Builds and Maintains Brand Identity and Reputation
Improves Staff Confidence and Performance
Increases Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention
Opportunity to Develop a Lead Barista to Train your Team Internally
Creates a Development Ladder for your Team

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